Solar Inverters

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Inverter is an electrical device which converts direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). Solar PV systems operate on DC voltage by converting direct sunlight into electricity which in turn is utilized by the appliances passing through the inverter system. Thus the inverter plays a vital component role in the PV installation.
The electricity produced by the solar panels is used to charge the batteries as well as supply to the loads directly for a grid tied system.
We offer a variety of inverters capable of Off-grid and On-grid installation types as well as a range of hybrid inverters capable of both Off-grid and On-Grid functionality in the same unit.

Off-Grid Inverters
The flexible system manager

Off-Grid inverters are mainly used with stand-alone solar for a home or business totally disconnected from the electric utility company. Featuring AC coupled technology, the inverter is an intelligent system manager that creates a high quality, self-sufficient AC grid and protects sensitive batteries, extending system’s life .They are also used for providing emergency backup power to homes in case of power outages from the utility company. Inverters with the built-in AC charger option are particularly well suited to providing seamless backup power.
In the inverters, electricity generators and loads are flexibly integrated. PV and wind energy systems, diesel generators can be modularly integrated in a large off-grid system.

Grid-Tie Inverters
Unmatched Versatility

Grid Tied inverters are basically used as a feedback system to the national utility. Most of the international clients do prefer the grid tie system which eventually feeds excess power to the national utility and creates way out to earn money. However, this type of system is most beneficial where electric power is available without outage. The systems possess small initial investment as compared to off-grid system due to the fact that batteries are not used in this system.

 Hybrid Inverters
Efficient, reliable and durable

Hybrid Inverters are grid tied inverters with additional feature of battery charging for using as a backup during outer outages. This is the most common and highly efficient inverters used for domestic as well as small industrial projects.

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